Rob & Tammy Schachel

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The rumor is building a house is a nightmare, which typically ends a marriage, friendships, and any relationship you would’ve or could have had with your builder. This was a first home for both Tammy and I, the property was perfect, and it was time for the home. A good friend recommended Jonathan Catchman with South Pointe Builders Inc. It was after our initial meeting with Jonathan that we realized we were in good hands. Tammy and I gave Jonathan a sketch on a napkin, two days later he provided us with detailed drawing of a home. It had surpassed our hopes but amazingly not our budget. We lived on the property that the house was being built on, so we saw the amazing progress every day. This was not a perfect process, with an occasional oops, by a sub-contractor. The most important factor of all though, was Jonathan’s reply when questioned about it; “I’ll take care of it”, and he always did, immediately.

Being on-site from day one to finish, allowed me to see parts of the building process that most homeowners unfortunately don’t get to. But it also allowed me to see and appreciate the time, the quality, and the pride Jonathan Catchman takes when he builds a home. If you do something right the first time, you will not have to do a second time. If that is not South Pointe Builders motto, it should be, because that’s how they operate. This home is a long-term commitment for my wife and I, as we are about to have our first child. If the need ever arises, there is nobody I would have build a second home than Jonathan Catchman. Jonathan Catchman is no longer just my builder, he’s now our friend. Thank you Jonathan and to all the wonderful sub-contractors of South Pointe builders for our perfect home.

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